Pastor Mitchell & Family

Pastor Mitchell has been preaching since he was 33 years old. He enjoys leading the Roloff Men's Home, an addiction ministry designed to help recovering alcoholics & drug addicts find their peace through Jesus Christ. His other hobbies include alliterating sermons, spending time with his family, and taking in God's creation through photography. 
Mrs. Mitchell is the director of the Jubilee Home for Ladies, an addictions ministry designed to help women who are recovering from alcohol & drug addiction find peace through Jesus Christ. Her other hobbies include baking, watching HGTV, and spending time with her family and her dogs. 
Their daughter, Jordan, is heavily involved in the Children's ministry, the church pianist, and planning her wedding to her fiance, Kevin Zirpel. They will both be starting a young adult's ministry for the church in January, 2018. 
Their youngest daughter, Faith, is 18-years-old and loves knitting blankets & spending time with her dog, Belle.